ZKET AML for Government (FIU)

ZKET AML for Government - Financial Investigation Unit (FIU) product features:

  • FIU AML Administration: Security Management and Monitoring, FIU/RE User Management, Metadata Management (Suspicious Activity Categories, Corp. Types, etc.)
  • FIU AML Analytics with Case Management: Case Management and Investigation Workspaces, Data Acquisition, Analysis and Profiling (Direct and inDirect Relationships) * Role Based Access (Administrators, Analysts, RE Users, Compliance Officers, etc.) Reporting, Search and Data Filters - Automated Continuous Monitoring Technique Sanctions List Intelligence (SLI)
  • Reporting Entity AML Portal: CTR, STR and Bulk Upload (CTR Uploader Tool - XML) Electronic Reporting Methodologies to Integrate Records from Police, Banks, Tax Systems, Vehicle, Property End User Support Capabilities, Multilingual Support
  • Standalone or Integrated Analytics: Standalone Platform as a Product or Integrated into FIU and/or RE Platforms

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